handgun is a firearm designed to be handheld, in either one or both hands. At The tactical Store, we have lots of handguns to choose from. There are 3 categories of handguns in today’s market. We have the ever-growing concealed carry handgun which by name is designed to be small and compact for easy carry. Some examples of guns in this category are The Ruger LCP (lightweight compact pistol) This is chambered in .380ACP and only weighs 9.4 oz. other poplar guns in this category are the Glock 42 also chambered in 380acp, the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and the Taurus TCP these are some examples of the smallest carry guns. Slightly larger and very popular are the Glock 43 the Ruger lc9s, the Springfield Armory XDS series of pistols and the baby Glock the model 26 and 27. These are all in the concealed carry market.

Next, we move to the home protection category, this comprises of a larger easy to handle handgun a good example would be the Glock 17 19 & 21 The Beretta 92 series the Springfield XD series these are just some examples of what you would consider a home protection handgun. Most of these can be outfitted with a flashlight or a laser for defense in the dark or low light situations.

Moving on the range or competition handgun these handguns are typically  larger and longer then the two previous categories, for competition shooting most shooters prefer a longer barreled handgun for it’s longer sight radius and lengthier barrel. Handguns in this category can be any ware from a .22 caliber all the way to 500 Smith & Wesson, some popular examples in this category would be the Ruger MK series of pistols in .22 caliber the Glock model 34 in 9mm and the Smith & Wesson classic revolver the model 29 chambered in 44 magnum. With over 200 gun manufactures around the world I am sure there is one right for you.