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The Tactical Store was founded in October 2013 by President and CEO Brian DeVito along with his sister Kim Michel.   They had one purpose in mind, to provide St. Lucie County residents with the means and the knowledge to protect themselves and their families.  Since then The Tactical Store has been a major force in gun sales in St. Lucie County. From expert shooters to first time gun owners, we strive to make sure you leave here with the knowledge, education, and the perfect firearm for you.  

The Tactical Store has anything from small conceal carry handguns to AR-15s to hunting rifles and shotguns. We’re also the largest family owned Glock stocking dealer in St Lucie County.  This makes us the best place to get hard to get Glock merchandise, even the new hard to get Glock 43. We’re also AR-15 experts, specializing in making your AR a little more unique. All installed for free on premise.

When 2016 rolled along we moved into a larger store in to make room for our classroom which we use to teach our concealed carry, and many other courses. Along with our classroom we’ve put up our own state of the art training simulator allowing us to give more in depth training to our customers. Comparable to what the military and police use the simulator allows you to run self-defense scenarios such as muggings or active shooters scenarios. Our gunfighter software allowing you to shoot zombies and bad guys with your friends, and even balloon animals for the kids as well.

 In the end The Tactical Store has one goal: to make sure the customer leaves satisfied. From sales to training The Tactical Store is your one stop shop for all your firearm needs.  Whether you’re looking to start your collection, build your arsenal, looking to hone your skills with one of our instructors, or just to blow through waves of zombies in our simulator room. The Tactical Store is the place for you.