The Tactical Store sells gun accessories including: holsters by reliable brands like DeSantis, Accurate, uncle Mikes, Galco Crossfire, Fobus, Blackhawk, and other brands dedicated to the highest standards of safety for easy-access concealment. We also offer custom holsters to accommodate that rare gun or your modern pistol with a light or laser.

Optics: are not only for long guns anymore there are a full line of scopes and red dot scopes for the modern shooter and their pistol. From pistol hunting scopes to competition many optic manufactures are making the right optic for your needs.

Cleaning your firearm: this is one category many shooters seem to overlook. We at The Tactical Store want to make sure your firearm is in top notch shape, so we offer a large assortment of firearm cleaning and maintenance chemicals and equipment from lubricants preservatives all your needs.

Targets: have come along way in the past 15 years with new technology that allows the shooter to see the impact of the bullet which drastically helps the shooter adjust his or her point of aim. These targets are available in a assortment of sizes and shape from round, square, silhouette ore even zombies.

Magazines: for your pistols are also an important accessory weather for defense or the day at the range having a few spare magazines is always a good idea,magazines are like a snack you can never have to many.

Ammunition: this is a critical part of you shooting requirements there are a lot of different ammunitions on the market so which one is right for you gun or your needs. We start by reading the owner’s manual for your firearm  to choose the correct type of ammunition for your exact gun. Remember although ammunitions have different purposes all ammunition can be lethal and should be treated as such.