The Glock brand enjoys the largest segment of the civilian handgun market as well is the firearm selection of 65% of all law enforcement officers in the US.

GmbH is located in Deutsch-Wagram in Austria and did not enter the arms market until 1980.   The impelling force behind this sensation is founder Gaston Glock, a civil engineer with advanced synthetic resin manufacturing experience, in his then modest plastics plant located outside Vienna.
In early 1980 Gaston started by manufacturing polymer munitions belts, pack shovels, practice grenades and combined trench tools.

Gaston purchased every pistol on the market and took them apart and put them back together.  To him being a virgin to the gun making process was understood to be a virtue ; since he had no experience he   “was not handicapped with preconceived notions about firearms” he would later explain. To supplement his inexperience, he hired two notable armaments consultants and had a series of ‘focus groups’ to create the weapon.

Gaston had highly developed polymer experience and extensive manufacturing expertise and melded those skills into a gun design that had 34 moving parts, held 17 rounds and weighed less than any other weapon submitted.  He engineered, more precisely manufactured and cheaper by a long shot—a sophisticated gun that cost around $70 to make.  Every Glock gun has a polymer frame, precision molded steel slides and a patented heat treatment to augment resistance to wear and rust. There was nothing like it and it proved reliable, durable, and accurate. The Glock Model 17 incorporated all 17 RFP requisites and was entered in the Austrian Army Trials for the weapon in 1982.  Glock won the competition.

Glock came to the U.S. in 1985 introducing than the Glock 17 generation 1. Since 1985, 27 different models have been manufactured and available around the world.

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