Glock Stippling Service

Custom Glock Stippling

In-house services including:

  • Finger Groove Removal
  • Undercutting the trigger guard on all Glock models and
  • Hand stippling services to improve your grip and control

Custom Framework – Stippling

Stippling is a craft technique that involves and soldering iron to burn small dots and patterns onto polymer frames.
It is used as a customization enhancement to create a raised surface texture which will allow for much better shooting control.
Stippling is an effective and affordable way to enhance your ability to shoot your pistol far more accurately with and give a way to create a firmer grip.
Our stippling comes in a few different unique patterns that we designed in-house, and we feel offers a range between aggressive for competitive shooting
and a more muted patterns that allows still for a better grip but will not rough your skin up when concealed carrying the pistol inside or outside the waistband.

Along with the raised texture we offer what is known as a “undercut” that makes a major difference in comparison to the original Glock
frame, this is done by cutting the original frames trigger guard where Glock already has a small existing cut and making the cut deeper and wider.
When undercutting a Glock frame, we are essentially are allowing your grip hand to get higher up on the frame which brings your wrist and
bore axis closer which will drastically reduce felt recoil and aid in faster follow up shots. There’s a second feature to this cut known as a “Double Undercut”
which is a second cut onto the underside of the trigger guard that gives your off-hand’s index finger a place to rest and a ledge to firmly rest that finger again to aid
in further control of the firearm.

There are a few other features we offer when it in regard to the framework we offer which are an index finger rest on the side of the pistols frame. We also offer a “Hump Reduction” which changes the shape of the pistols grip which a majority of new and experienced Glock shooters do not like. We effectively remove as much material on the “hump” as possible and bring the frame to a straighter down angle. Lastly, we do offer a “Beavertail Melt” for Generation 4 and Generation 5 pistols that come with the backstraps. Most shooters love the idea of Glocks extended beavertail but when the backstrap is placed onto the frame it changes the circumference of the pistol which makes it difficult to grip correctly. We will cut the beavertail down and use it only at the top of the frame and blend it into the existing frame seamlessly giving you the best of both worlds with and without the backstraps.