Range Simulator

Range Simulator: A theater style experience that puts you right in the action.

Entertainment Simulation System

With the Entertainment Simulation System you’ll be able to stare down bad guys in the Old West. From shoot outs in authentic Western Towns to Single Action Duels, this system will transport you back to the days of gunslingers and cattle wrestlers.

Or you might find yourself facing the Un-Dead in scenarios where you’ll be tasked with exterminating hordes of blood drooling, flesh-eating zombies.

Who knows, we may even combine the two in a world of Zombie-Cowboys!

Practice and hone your skills with moving targets, steel challenge, and for the kids we have carnival shooting games from ducks to balloon safari.

Training Lab

Use of Force Simulator

The Training Lab™ is an interactive Use of Force and Firearms Simulation system that combines the latest technologies with unique feature sets, allowing for total training customization.

The Training Lab is a Premiere Training Simulator, ensuring the best trainee experience possible. Used by Police departments and military looking for a high quality, full-function Training Simulator choose The Training Lab for its high level of system flexibility and range of use. It is the industry leading simulation technology.

From top to bottom, The Training Lab is the entire package. It’s everything a Department or security team needs to conduct quality Use of Force training for your personnel.


30 Minutes – approx. 10 scenarios – $19.95
60 Minutes – approx. 20 scenarios – $36.95                                                                                         90 Minutes – approx. 30 scenarios – $54.95

(Includes Non Recoil firearm)

Recoil guns add $5.00 EA                                                                                                                  Includes two co2 cartridges  




                                                              Other options:

                              Administrator assistance for training scenarios:  

                                     30 Minutes  $30.00        60 Minutes $45.00  

                             Personal lessons with NRA certified instructor:

                              Starting at $99.99 per session, times may vary.


Prices are subject to change without notice for the range simulator.